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Posted: 9 Jun '18

Considered Reclaimed wood for flooring?

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You have so many options these days when it comes to wood flooring. Traditional, “new” wood flooring is out, and some new characters have joined the party. As you’ve may have noticed, we’re steering away from the sleek and shiny and trending towards warm, inviting looks with plenty of character. 2018 wood flooring trends are cozier, less glam. Think choosing your grandma’s mac and cheese over caviar. Also, you should always choose the mac and cheese. You’ll notice a push for staying local and using recycled materials. Homeowners are really starting to note the kinds of materials they’re using and choosing their flooring accordingly.

Reclaimed Wood

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Unique, durable and green, with each plank telling a story, it’s no wonder reclaimed wood has taken off so quickly.  Reclaimed wood simply means taking old building materials and re-using them. Essentially, recycling. Reclaimed wood kills two birds with one stone, giving you something totally original that’s also environmentally responsible. Often, reclaimed wood comes from decking, timbers, barns, etc. Although, now that it has become so popular, you will find reclaimed wood from unique sources like wine barrels and more. Reclaimed wood is the kind of wood that (usually) comes naturally distressed. If you’re going for distressed wood floors, I highly recommend using reclaimed wood opposed to the manufactured options. Will the reclaimed wood trend last in 2019 and beyond? As reclaimed wood gains popularity, it becomes increasingly more rare and difficult to find, only making it that much more popular.  My guess is that this will be a trend that sticks around for a decade or so until something different comes along.

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