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Posted: 20 May '17

Flooring tips for small spaces


We all have that room in the house that can barely be called a room. While this may not be anyone’s favorite room in the house, floors can help remove the focus on the room size and emphasize its beauty, tricking the eyes into thinking it’s bigger than it actually is. From the size of the boards to installation tricks to the style, we’ve got some floor tips to transform that tiny space into a more functional and visually appealing room.

Board Size- Choose planks over strips. 

When it comes to floor sizes, planks can be described as any board that is 3 inches or more. Strips are boards that are narrower than 3 inches. So, why choose plank over the thinner strips? Planks will feel less busy because they show fewer seams and the floor won’t feel as broken up as it would with narrower strips. Also, it won’t feel as confined as it would had you chosen smaller, narrower boards. Planks will help open up the room, making it feel wider.The same goes for tile. Choosing a larger tile will also help open up the space. Rather than going for the standard 12 inch tile size, opt for a 16 inch tile option. Most luxury vinyl tile will be readily available in this size and comes in virtually any style you could imagine.

Installation - Another trick to making a small room feel bigger.

When installing the boards, make sure they are running parallel to the longest wall in the room. Doing so, will elongate the feel of the floor and therefore, the feel of the space. Running it along the shortest wall would accent the real size and feel of the room.While this may not be the standard way to install boards and tiles, placing the floor pieces in a diagonal pattern can also deceive the eyes into making a space appear larger.

Whether you choose a natural hardwood, ceramic tile, luxury vinyl floor or other option – consider a diagonal pattern, a technique that creates an open, visual interest.

Choose One Flooring for All

Whether you have an open floor plan or your rooms are more closed off… try using the same floor for every room. Not only will this create a seamless effect that helps each room flow, but it will also connect the small space to other, larger rooms. Go Light OR Dark? While light floors are open and airy, darker floors are inviting and expand a room as well. When it comes to floor color, you can choose something richer, or something softer.  When it comes to a lighter floor, it will open the space right up. Its bright features will bring in more sunlight and allow your furniture to flow. Some great wood options are a light oak, or the trending white washed wood look. Or, check out all the luxury vinyl tile options out there.A darker hardwood, carpet or tile will create a stylish, warm ambiance and can also open up a room with it’s rich tone.
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