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Posted: 8 Feb '18

Flooring Superstores Top 5 Flooring Trends for 2018

Trent and our Trusted team at Regina's Flooring Superstores have established a strong and loyal customer base through our commitment ti excellent customer service. By being part of the powerful buying group that is the Flooring Superstores chain, we are also able to provide quality Regina flooring at unbeatable prices. In our latest flooring blog we share some of our favourite 2018 trends for flooring.

Flooring Superstores Top 5 Flooring Trends for 2018

Wide Plank Wood Floors

In 2018, wood flooring looks to remain popular, but trends are favouring the style of wider plank floors. These wider planks are often a foot or more wide, and works great for gains and homes alike. 

Gray Wood Floors

Another popular flooring choice for 2018 looks to be gray wood flooring. This twist on traditional wood floor paneling offers a modern and unique look. These floors work great in modern hours with simple, clean aesthetics. Be sure to take samples home and test the look of these panels in your home's light to get an idea of how the colour will appear. 

Bamboo Floors

A fun new material entering the flooring game in North America is bamboo. This high-quality material provides a fresh, light look that works great in well lit, bright spaces. Be sure to choose durable woven brands and dehumidify the boards prior to installation. 

Porcelain Floors

Today there are many porcelain flooring options designed to imitate natural wood grains. This type of flooring is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, or any area prone to wetness, while still offering that wood grain look. 

Tiled Carpet

This fun trend in flooring sets carpet squares in a tiled layout. The possibility to mix and match different colors and textures of carpet in virtually limitless configurations makes this a great option for those looking to add a little personal flair to their floor design. 

Flooring Superstores Regina keeps you Trending

If you are looking to hop on any of the latest flooring trends, let Regina's Trusted flooring store take care of your needs.