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Posted: 8 Mar '17

Flooring Superstores Regina Sweet Spring Flooring Ideas

Trent and the team at Regina's Flooring Superstores have established a strong and loyal customer base through their commitment to excellent customer service. By being part of the powerful buying group that is the Flooring Superstores chain, they are also able to provide quality Regina floor coverings at unbeatable prices...enjoy our latest article 

Sometimes it’s difficult to look beyond the Winter season in Saskatchewan , but you don’t have to look far, because Spring is right around the corner! So let’s take a look at some great Spring flooring ideas to inspire!! 

Whitewash Finish

With the warm weather EVENTUALLY returning, there’s no better time to open the shades and welcome the natural sunlight into your home. In order to welcome that light, we are seeing a higher demand for lighter floors. A great way to accomplish this is a more whitewashed, clean look to some new Spring flooring.

Grey Flooring

Grey flooring is really starting to grow on consumers, especially with wood flooring. The grey color allows for wood flooring, or any type of flooring that replicates hardwood, to show off its natural grains and knots. You can also choose between a lighter shade or darker shade of grey.

Distressed Flooring

If you’re looking for that rustic, aged look, then distressed flooring is perfect for you. No longer is distressed flooring only used within old up north cabins. The new distressed flooring can be used in casual and contemporary interiors to capture that perfect natural, aged look.

So as Spring approaches, think about some new design elements you want to try within your home. In today’s flooring world, there really is no limit to what you can achieve. If you need some help, we are only a phone call away.

Our Regina flooring team is always more than willing to take the time to help you find exactly what you are looking for that fits your lifestyle needs.  Dogs, kids, allergies, and personal style are all factors to consider before you even choose the color, finish, or type of floor covering...let TRUSTED REGINA's FLOORING EXPERTS Flooring Superstores walk you through the decision making process and make it as stress free as possible.